Your Voice Gives you Perspective

The writer’s voice may also be known as the writer’s perspective. A writer’s perspective is also the lens through which she sees the world and this is the same lens that needs to be developed and nourished for the writer to be at her best. A writer’s perspective is his take on the world. Every person views each situation very differently and interprets it in a variety of ways. Some writers see a situation from a self-centered perspective. Other writers see a situation from the other’s perspective. Some writers have a moral/ethical lens through which to view the world. Other writers are unethical and find that perspective very appealing. By knowing what your unique perspectives are, you can determine your writing voice. This is a voice that is as unique as your fingerprints and the number of hairs on your head. No two people will ever have exactly the same number of hairs on their head. So, our unique perspectives make us truly the writer who we are. And we cannot fake our perspectives. Otherwise our writing is not authentic. So, make sure that you try not to imitate any other writer. Instead, try and develop your own unique perspective and voice. You will be the best writer that you could be if you do. Try it!