Book Review: Suzanna’s Escape by Andrew R. Williams

This is a riveting story that will keep the reader reading right to the very last page and word. It is a story that will also linger with the reader. It was a quick read, but then there were the ruminations in my mind about the story afterwards.

The themes of this story are betrayal from unexpected people and loss. As I was reading this story, I couldn’t help getting emotional. I wondered why people who are supposed to care suddenly don’t, especially in this kind of drastic way.

The story revolves around Suzanna Fyfield, who is a tenacious of the catastrophic ‘Empress of Incognita’ starship wreck. Suzanna is stranded on the planet of Arcadia. But her existence takes a harrowing turn as she becomes trapped by enigmatic beings known as the Great Ones, whose motives are shrouded in malevolence.

Surprisingly, Suzanna is separated from her partner, Rob Kinfrank. In the process, she learns about a side of him she had never known about. Rob’s is a manipulator like no other she has ever known. His mastery with deceit and his potential for murder cast a real shadow on the man she thought she knew. As Rob becomes entangled in a dangerous mission which was created by the Great Ones, Suzanna finds an opportunity to break free from her captors and charts a new destiny for herself.

The unfolding story is a rollercoaster of suspense, each character grappling with their own inner demons while confronting the enigmatic enigmas of Arcadia. Williams demonstrates his excellence in creating a story where escape is just the first step on the road to a dangerous path to freedom. Each paragraph and chapter pulled me further into the suspense of the story.

The development of the characters is interwoven with a complex plot that will keep readers wondering what will happen next. Williams has created a universe where deception and survival are intertwined, delivering a stimulating and thrilling escapade.

This is another addition to the Arcadia’s Children series. Williams’ story masterfully combines science fiction, intrigue, and adventure. Every story that I have read by Williams over the years is better than the previous one.

This story is a riveting story that will make you think and wonder what’s real and what isn’t at a time when there is so much at stake. I loved the story and I can’t wait until the next one Williams writes. Andrew Williams is indeed a master storyteller!