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The Fearless Writer

Are you a fearless writer? Do you lack the self-confidence to be the best that you can be? Do you have self-doubts about your ability to write? Do you compare yourself endlessly to others? Do you wonder if you will ever publish a book or become the writer that you would like to become? If you answered any of the following questions in the affirmative, this e-book is for you!

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16 Tips to Minimize Emotional Eating for Writers

But why do we eat emotionally? Emotional eating is a problem for writers for many reasons. Some of the main reasons are because the writing life is hard and lonely. Many writers feel secluded from others and cooped up, writing for many hours a day. This state of aloneness can cause boredom while ultimately it can lead to eating more than we should.

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Effective Time Management Tips

Time is a precious commodity for everyone, and this is especially the case for writers. Many writers have other responsibilities such as parenting, working outside the home, or both. So, it is very important for writers to organize their time so that they are most successful.

In this e-book, I outline ten of the top tips and tricks that I have used for three decades in my writing life.

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Time-Honored Tips For Writers to have the Best Year Ever!

Every writer can have the best year. Why not make it this coming year? Why keep floundering in the dark?  I firmly believe that after reading this e-book, and applying the tips contained herein, you will definitely have the best year next year! However, I cannot overemphasize the importance of taking stock of this year and doing new things you will be more successful.

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The Mindful Writer

It can be difficult to become a mindful writer at first. However, as you become a more mindful writer, you will find that you will enjoy the process of writing far more than the aim for publication. You will get published in the right time, whatever that is for you. You cannot force publication. That is the important thing is to learn some of the habits I outline in this e-book.

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The Self-Confident Writer

The good news is that you can overcome these negative feelings about yourself and start believing in yourself. This will translate into many productive years. You can also overcome all your negativity and become the writer that you were meant to be. Just master the 12 habits in this e-book, and you will be well on your to feeling much more self-confident as a writer. This is success.

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How to be a Successful Writer

In this e-book, I offer 16 time-honored tips for you to get some writing done. You must think of small and doable as well as realistic goals when you work full time. However, just because you can’t spend two hours writing every day doesn’t mean you can’t do thirty minutes to one hour of writing a day, in ten, fifteen, twenty or thirty-minute intervals. You can be a successful writer too!

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How to be an Organized Writer

We live in a busy, multi-tasking world. It can be hard for writers for focus and to ensure that they write in a focused manner. In this e-book, I offer 16 ways that writers can ensure that they are more focused and organized in their writing lives. From setting boundaries with your family to getting clear on your writing goals, it is possible for us to be productive writers. Organization is key.

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The Productive Writer

One of the hardest things is to be a productive writer. It can be hard to focus and be successful in your writing career when you’re exhausted and distracted, two things that follow writers along throughout their lives. Few of us know how to effectively switch gears after work to be focused and organized. Writing is joyous but it is hard work. It requires consistency to be most successful.

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Why It’s Important for Writers to Develop Strong Boundaries

It can be hard for writers to set boundaries. This because non-writers don't really understand how much time it takes to write well and to hone our skills as writers. But what is more, in order to be productive, we must actually put in some regular time at our desk. Otherwise, we won't be successful. In this e-book, I should writers how to set boundaries with their family and friends.

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Irene Roth

A Freelance Writer of 100+ e-books
  • What I Do

    Hi everyone! I am Irene Roth, and I am a freelance writer of over one hundred e-books. I have a passion for writing self-help books for writers and people who are struggling to live with chronic conditions. I also write books in the areas of the religion and how to live a more faith-filled life, given our difficult times.

  • What I Offer

    When I’m not writing, I coach writers to be their best. I have been running a very successful mentoring group through Savvy Authors for over five years. I am in the process of starting up my coaching services on my website.

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