Write Because You Want to

But what is YOUR reason for writing? If it is to please others or to belong to a group of people, that reason won’t give you a long-lasting reason to write through all the good and bad in your writing career. To write over the long-term and to enjoy and feel fulfilled through your writing, you must want to write. When you really want to write, you need to write to feel fulfilled and happy. But what is more, you will make and find time to write because you will feel very incomplete when you don’t write. Neither will you have difficulty writing every day. Instead, you will want to write every day. So, this is a win-win for all writers. But what is even more important, when you write and you really want to write, you will identify yourself as a writer. In other words, being a writer will be an expressive element of your soul. It will be something that you do because you don’t feel complete unless you write. For people who really want to write, writing is something that is as much a part of them as is breathing, eating and sleeping. It becomes a basic need to feel whole and human. Do you feel this way about your writing? If you don’t feel like writing a basic need for you, something that you can’t live without, take the time to really examine WHY you are writing. Is it because you want to really write? Or, is it for some other extrinsic reason? Have fun doing some self-exploration!