Some Writers Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Their Craft

For some writers, writing is a wonderful and a horrible task at the same time. They feel conflicted by these two very strong emotions every time they sit down to write. For those writers, writing a book is a prolonged episode of stress, anxiety, and self-doubt, punctuated by brief moments of joy. Such writers fret and stew over their material, put in long hours at their desks, are often misunderstood by friends and family as to why they have to spend yet another Saturday afternoon working at their craft. For other writers, this is not the case. They LOVE writing. When they sit down to write, they feel happy and ecstatic. They feel not only able to cope with their writing time, but they feel lost when they don’t write. They feel complete when they write and they feel that their whole identity is dependent on being a writer. They love understanding topics more and they love to write from their heart. I fall into the second type of writer. I feel sorry for writers who really struggle when they write. Writing is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. If it isn’t, I don’t believe there is any use to write any more. That is because, for me, writing is such a cleansing process. There is a grace to writing, and there is a grace to the understanding that comes from writing. And I am very proud of that as a writer. Therefore, I would never trade writing for anything in my life. My writing life is sacrosanct. I write religiously every day and I feel a release because of my writing. For those of you who journal, you already know what I mean. There is an incredible release in writing from your heart. And you don’t write from your heart, I would suggest that you try it. You will be very glad that you did. Happy writing fellow writers. Take the time to enjoy your writing life, because this is YOUR life. ~ Irene