For An Outsider, Writing Doesn’t Seem very Thrilling….

For an outsider, that is a person who doesn’t write, writing isn’t very thrilling at all. Almost any other job is more thrilling and uplifting. The life of a writer seems boring and repetitive and there is nothing much to spark a person’s attention. As writers will very well attest, this is the farthest thing from the truth. Writing is VERY THRILLING. The mere activity of writing can bring many writers intense joy and contentment. For some writers, writing can also bring about a release of negative energy, energy that can become toxic over time. And this can be unhealthy. However, as I mentioned in my blog yesterday, some writers find writing really horrible. Such writers may find writing not very thrilling and some of these same writers may even find writing boring. Should writers really feel this way? I usually hate ‘should’ questions unless I am writing in the area of ethics. However, this is one question that I would love to explore for a few minutes here because it is very important to writers who don’t enjoy to write. I believe that writers who don’t find writing to be exciting won’t write for long, or if they do write for long, they will be leading a miserable life. And why would anyone do something like that to themselves? I believe that unless writing is an intrinsically happy experience for the writer, (s)he will be leading an unhappy life. Also, the quality of what she will be writing may even suffer. So, fellow writers this is my verdict. Unless writing is a thrilling and uplifting experience for you, you shouldn’t write because it is hard enough to write when you LOVE the very process of writing. As all writers know, writing is hard work. So, enjoy the ride or get off the roller coaster. ~ Irene