It’s the Middle of the May, 2023

As we enter the last half of May, it may be a good time to do an assessment of your goals and how you have been doing so far this month in completing your long-term goals.

This is always a great time to take stock. And the month of May has so much hope in it, I can’t help but be grateful for all that’s coming up for me through the next three months. It can be little things, such as the smell of newly cut grass or a small bean plant poking through the soil, or bigger things, such as summer festivals or family BBQs.

Since we’re in the season of hope with all the nice weather and fresh fruit and veggies, perhaps it’s time to let this hope seep into your writing life.

Is there something that you are hoping to achieve this month? Or perhaps you had a slow month so far and now you want to really work on a particular goal? I say go for it!

Write down that goal, or any other one you may have, into your planner, schedule it throughout the next week, and then get to work in trying to complete it. Every day should take you closer to completing that goal.

I want to include a caveat at this point because I want you to be successful. When you schedule your goal(s), be sure to choose a time when you know you will be undisturbed. This is your ticket to success.

Otherwise, if you don’t carefully plan your writing times, you may be trying to write while other people in your life will have plans that don’t include your writing. They will want you to join them. This will result in frustration and anxiety.

So, take some time today to decide what you’d like to complete this month. Think of the best time you can write undisturbed and then schedule that time into your planner. Further, you may want to tell your family when you plan to write so that they don’t interrupt you.

Irene S. Roth