Are you Grateful to be a Writer?

Writers have a wonderful privilege: the privilege of writing and expressing themselves through their art, whatever that may be.

This morning, I was reminiscing about the past thirty years of my life and having and honor of writing every day and publishing over 150 books and thousands of articles and book reviews.

I have been able to work through some of the hardest points in my life, through my writing. I had so much to conquer and overcome over the past few decades, from becoming chronically ill to living with abusive relatives and more.

Coming to terms with these issues has only been possible through my writing. And making sense of all my trials has also been a triumph for me. Its so much more than just writing. It’s an expression of my innermost being.

I can only hope that my reader can benefit as much from my writing as I did from writing it.

But I know in my own case, it is so important to be nourished by the wisdom and knowledge that other writers have to offer. We all have a story to tell. And we all have things that are difficult to bear.

This is where writing can become an elixir like no other. The writing life—its so great!  I wish everyone had the benefit and privilege to write as I did.

Take good care,

Irene Roth