Carry a Notebook with You

One of the best ways to carry the new ideas you discover during the summer is to write them down in a notebook so that you don’t forget them. That way, you could be sure to use them in the fall. I always encourage writers to carry a notebook with them. so, even if they’re out somewhere, they may want to reread an idea they discovered during their outings and plan on writing about it later. The ideas that come to the foreground of our consciousness are usually nuanced. So, we need to capture these subtle nuances quickly. I love carrying a notebook. It signals that you are serious about your writing. I don’t know about you, but this helps me feel good about myself. It also shows that I honour myself enough to care about my new ideas. In the summer, I frequently take my chrome book to the park and write. What a wholesome and authentic experience that is for me. This can be such a freeing time when I just sit down and let my thoughts come to the surface. Therefore, be sure to take a notebook or small chrome book with you to the beach or on your trips. Or, you may want to simply write in your backyard. Whatever works best for you is what you should do.