A Wonderfully Crafted Romance-Suspense Novel

Floating on Secrets By Tantra Bensko This is a fast-paced suspense-romance like no other that I ever read. The story transports the reader to places that are not commonly explored and experienced. It is a treat to read and become immersed in. And once you start reading this story, you will definitely want to know how it turns out. Flair is a beautiful bartender who loves neo-phychodelic rock music. She lives in a world that is quite removed from the ordinary. She studies psychology and finds her peace and solace in float tanks because she sees things there. This experience gives her a hallucinatory experience with the use of drugs. Instead, she uses a high content of Epsom salt to put herself into another state of consciousness. While in the tank floating one day, she becomes aware of her ideal man. He was in the tank with her. At first, she doesn’t know if he is real or a figment of her imagination. He is wonderful in every way and feels like her soulmate. They seem to share a lot in common. Can this idyllic romantic relationship continue to thrive and develop into something breathtakingly beautiful or will something put a real wrench into it? Who would expect that Flair would be part of a crime investigation with the float establishment owner, Addie Thompson? This bizarre event turns everything on its head and suddenly there is an underlying mystery that must be solved about who is stealing the float money from Addie. This part of the book is handled with complicated plot twists and much brilliance. Can Flair and Austin continue their wonderful relationship despite all of this upheaval? Rating: 5 stars Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth