Think Outside the Box

Some summers it can be especially hard to find time to write. If you know this is the kind of summer you will be having this year, then it is important to think outside of the box so that you can find time to do some writing. The place may not be ideal. However, if you form an intention to write, you will be able to get some writing done. The key is to remove yourself from the noise and give yourself some privacy and quiet for about 30 minutes. If you can find a place to do that, you will be able to write wherever you are. Be creative and innovative. I have even heard of writers writing in the bathroom. Some went back to their hotel room and wrote for an hour. Be courageous and get used to people wondering where you are, especially those who are outside your immediate family. Remember, you are a writer, and this time is important to you. Here are some unlikely places that you can get some extra words down to complete your goal during the summer: • Write in the car—of course when you are a passenger. If you are taking a trip to a special destination that takes an hour or two, you could bring your paper and pen or even laptop and just write for a few minutes at a time. I sometimes got into the back seat where it was quieter, and I wrote for about half an hour or so until the next pit-stop on our trip. You may want to do something like that too. • Write in the airport—while waiting to board the plane. Sometimes there are delays. Most times, we have to get there at least an hour ahead of time. So, this can be a time to write for even a few minutes. • Once the plane is in flight, you can write during your flight or at least read to prepare to write. • Wake up a bit earlier and write. • Stay up a bit later and write for a few minutes. • While your spouse is watching television in the evening, remove yourself on the bed or at a table in the room and write for a few minutes. • If it is a nice day, write outside. If its noisy inside, take your laptop outside and write into the greater outdoors. Or take your pen and paper and head to the park. Nature is a wonderful creative force for me. There is no better feeling than writing and thinking by the Avon River where I live. I go there often during the summer for creative escapes. But also have times when you’re plugged off writing during holidays. Otherwise, you will get on your family’s nerves and you will probably not get much writing done. So, do your writing as bookends during the day, either in the morning or at night. During the day, go out and enjoy yourself. After all, that is what being on vacation is all about. Make memories. Take photos. Eat great food! By taking these steps, you will be getting some writing during the summer holidays.