Ten Ways to Build Self-Confidence

It can be hard to be a writer. There is so much that is trying to undermine our self-esteem and self-confidence. Yet, there is so much that is wonderful about writing. Why do you think there are so many writers out there? Because I believe it is one of the most creative and fulfilling pursuits out there. However, writers are sensitive creatures. We get hurt by others. Sometimes, we even hurt ourselves by doing things that undermine our self-esteem and self-confidence over and over again. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that you keep building self-confidence as a writer. 1. Do something that makes you feel good every morning. It could be a jog or taking a shower and getting dressed. You may want to put some flowers on your desk or something that will lift your spirits. 2. Expect to be successful. Many writers are skeptical that they can be successful. This can only hurt us later because sometimes how we feel about ourselves can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think you won’t be successful, you may not be. 3. Eliminate negative self-talk and can’t statements. Instead, vie to try, will, and can do your best. We all have days when we don’t feel at our best. On those days, have a few affirmations written down which resonate with you that you can turn to in order to help yourself feel better about yourself if you get into a slump. 4. Don’t obsess about success. Instead, focus on your goals, and try to move them forward every day and week. This is a sure recipe for success. 5. Avoid living in panic mode. Instead, try to do things slower and more intentional. This is the recipe to peace and fulfillment. 6. Fake it until you make it. Act confidently, even if you don’t feel confident. One way of doing this is to show up and write, despite naysayers. You can do it! You can be a successful writer! 7. Don’t be ruled by your ego. If someone does something you don’t like, or says something that you find insulting, practice relaxing and letting it flow right out of you you. 8. At the end of each day, make a list of the things you did that day that you are proud of. This could be simple things like folding the laundry, making dinner, or writing one scene of your novel. 9. Every morning, be grateful for another exciting day full of pleasant possibilities. Writing is of full of possibilities. 10. Hang around positive people. Positivity is contagious as is negativity. So, you owe it to yourself to stick around positive, vibrant people. Use this list whenever you need a pick me up. And we all need it some time in our day or week. I certainly know that I do. We are each unique. We owe it to the world to show others who we are through our writing. To your success! Irene S. Roth