Why Being an Organized Writer is so Hard?

One of the hardest things is to be an organized writer. It can be hard to focus and be successful in your writing career when you’re exhausted and distracted, two things that follow writers along throughout their lives. Few of us know how to effectively switch gears after work so that we can write in a focused and organized manner. Writing is joyous but it is hard work. It requires consistency and efficiency to be most successful. But how can writers achieve this if they are constantly tired and worn out? To be sure, writers, whether they work full-time or part-time, have a limited amount of time and energy at their disposal. Writing doesn’t come easily in such situations because our brains are pushed and pulled in so many different directions. We always have so many other obligations in our lives, leaving little time for writing. Further, our stress and anxiety levels keep mounting, and our writing is usually the first thing to be left undone. This is especially the case if we are disorganized. In addition, our world seems to be running faster and faster every day. We feel like we must keep up with it, regardless of how senseless it may seem to us. But is this quick pace healthy? Is it productive for a writer? Can a writer be organized if she is disorganized? Is it in line with completing your writing goals and being successful? Does all this rushing around make us more efficient and organized or less so? Is it conducive to creating a writing life that is balanced? I believe that our fast-paced world has skewed our attention and exhausted us completely. We are constantly split and divided between tasks. Multi-tasking is the new mantra in our culture, and it has seeped into our writing life as well. But do these mindless mindsets help us write more? This month, I will be outlining some ways for writers to be more organized and therefore successful, regardless of what else is going on in their lives. Although I am devoting this e-book to working writers who would like to become more organized, although it can also be useful for any writer who must simultaneously juggle a lot of different responsibilities in their lives, such as stay-at-home mothers and people working from home. With a bit of practice, we can step out of the anxiety and stress of our current maze of activity and prioritize what’s most important in our lives. Then we can follow through to complete our writing goals in an organized manner and be successful. Writing is such a joyous activity. It can take you away from the mundane and invite you into a life that is filled with wonder and awe. Think about it, every day you have an opportunity to research and write about topics that people want to learn about. Further, you will be learning every day and doing some of the things that you love. Writing is one of the best things that you can engage in for mental equilibrium and self-fulfillment. Further, as you write, you will also make this world a much better place through your work. Therefore, you must write. However, to do so, you must reorganize and declutter your life to find time to write. Until next time, when I discuss some ways for you to become more organized.