Don’t Overthink

Right in line with our lessons on emotional resilience this month is this article on how to avoid overthinking and how it can really negatively impact our productivity. Studies have shown that successful people tend to make decisions faster than people who are less successful. That’s probably because successful people don’t overthink every little thing before they act. They simply do what they think they must do to be most successful. And the reason they don’t overthink every little thing is because:

  • They have clear cut goals.
  • The only question they need to ask themselves before they take action is, Will this action help me get closer to my goal?

Successful people also tend to develop routines, so they simply take many of the same actions repeatedly until they reach their goals. These actions become something they always do to be their best. If you do the same things all the time, and you are successful with these routines, you won’t experience decision fatigue. People who are less successful overthink every little thing, so they never create a routine and stick to that routine to reach their goals. Instead, they do a little of this and a little of that, without much to show for it. Today, first make sure you know your goals. Write them down above your workstation or on your desk. Put them in a prominent place. Next, develop a routine to follow that will take you closer to your goals. Make sure that the routine is realistic, given your other life events and goals. Finally, don’t overthink every little thing, wondering what actions you should take. Instead, set your goals and just start acting, checking off each small goal daily. Simply stick to the actions you’ve created in your routine. Have a productive week!