What is a Patient Writer?

When I reflect on what a patient writer is, the image that comes to mind is a person who is composed, relaxed, writing on paper with a nice pen in a quiet corner. I have met many writers who fit these descriptions at writer’s conferences. They were literally sitting in the corners of a busy hotel foyer writing away. They looked so peaceful, composed, and undistracted by anything or anyone. And they are successful because they patiently embark on the process of writing. But most writers are probably not like that. They are anything but patient and peaceful. They want immediate results. They are driven by competition and go to writer’s conferences so that they can compare themselves to other writers. However, this only destroys self-esteem and self-confidence even more. This is because no two writers develop in the same way. We all have different paths that lead to success. Which writer do you think gets more done and enjoys better quality of work, the patient writer or the impatient one? Well, the answer seems on the surface to be self-evident. The patient writer would get more done because she is more composed and poised over the long-term. She puts in many hours at the desk without comparing herself to others or fretting about the results of her labours. Although this seems to be true, it’s not that simple since writers are complicated creatures. They find it difficult to be peaceful all the time. The writing life demands a lot from us. When the going gets tough, most of us become impatient. Yet this is the opposite of how we should cope with frustration to be productive and successful. For many writers, this point is when we are working with agents or new book publishers. It can take a lot of anxiety and frustration to get published the traditional way. But this is precisely when we should let the process unfold on its own without forcing it. For most writers, getting published is very important. But is it necessary to become so obsessively fixated on publishing? I don’t believe it is, especially in the era of self-publishing. Instead, we should focus on developing new habits and skills that will make us effective writers. We can start by developing the twelve habits and skills outlined in this e-book. So, if you are ready, turn the page!