Meet A.G.R. Goff!

Thank you for being here on my blog today! I loved Layers and have recommended on Goodreads. It is an unforgettable story! 1. Tell us a few things about yourself. I grew up in East Germany. As a teenager, I witnessed the uprising in Leipzig, which ultimately led to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. I always wrote stories but it wasn’t until I met my English (future) husband and move to the UK, that I fell in love with the English language and finished my first book. 2. When you’re not writing, what kinds of books are you reading? Horror, mainly Stephen King when I grew up, but now I read anything I can get my hands on. I read across genres and authors all the time. Right now, I read works from various indie authors and give reviews. 3. What was the inspiration for your Layers? Watching Harry Potter and comparing it with the books I’ve read. I was fascinated by Snape and how he was described in the books but played by a much older actor in the movies. That’s how I discovered Alan Rickman and he gave me the inspiration for Layers. 4. Are you a full-time writer? What does your writing day look like? I write semi-permanent. The rest of the time I translate. So, it’s basically typing all day. 5. Do you always write thrillers? No, I don’t, even though I love it. But my second book “The sky above” is dystopian story. I just get inspired by whatever happens around me and move between genres. 6. Do you have any advise for aspiring writers? Don’t give up and enjoy what your doing. It should be a hobby first. Don’t forget the marketing. 7. When you’re not writing, what do you enjoy doing? Spending time with my dog and playing the saxophone. 8. Tell us about your current writing projects? I just finished my second novel The sky above, a dystopian, end-of-the world type of story and now I’m working on a sequel to Layers. 9. What would you like readers to get out of Layers? I would like them to enjoy it. It’s a fictional story, so I don’t intend to provide a message or change anybody’s life. As long as it gives a few hours of joy to the reader, I’m happy. 10. How can potential readers get in touch with you? Do you have a website? Yes, they can email me via my website 11. Where can they buy your book? Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, Lulu Thank you so much for being on my blog today! You are a wonderful author, one that my readers will love to meet. All the best of luck in your future writing endeavours! I can’t wait to read your next book!