Transcending Mediocrity

Mediocrity is the opposite of excellence. It means being neither good nor bad. We struggle to transcend mediocrity though. Some writers eventually overcome mediocrity. But is mediocrity real or perceived? How many of us write as if we’re mediocre how many consider ourselves mediocre writers? Despite training? Despite success? The important to realize is that mediocrity is a fleeting feeling. So that one day, you may feel mediocre while other times you won’t feel as mediocre, or you may even feel good about yourself. Therefore, we all feel mediocre from time to time. But we can all work on ensuring that we feel not as much mediocrity by ensuring that we feel in control of our writing career and feel successful. What can we do to overcome the feeling of mediocrity? Here are a few simple things to try.

  1. Take courses on different aspects of writing.
  2. Try to write in different genres for versatility and lack of boredom.
  3. Write consistently.
  4. Participate in writing conferences.
  5. Get some support if you need coaching, get some. If you need to take a course to upgrade your skills, please do so.
  6. Don’t ever stop learning about your craft and your skill sets.
  7. Read widely, especially in the genre you plan to write.
  8. Converse with other successful writers.
  9. Never second-guess yourself or put yourself down.
  10. Watch your negative self-talk. If you can’t control all the negative thoughts that you become aware of yourself saying, make sure that you seek counselling.
  11. Work on your self-esteem—because you are great just as you are.

By taking these steps, you will be well on your way to feeling much less mediocre and much more secure in your own skin as a writer. Try it!