An Inspiring Book About Aging With Strength and Resilience

The Beautiful Addiction By Dr. Zeev Gilkis

This is another wonderfully inspiring book by Dr. Gilkis about how to age with grace and dignity. I have had the pleasure of reviewing a few of his books over the last year or so. His message for individuals as they age is that we no longer need to constrict and merely function as we get older. Instead, we can be our best and thrive. Since, as Dr. Gilkis argues, the body is the temple of the soul; therefore, we should take care of it in every way that we can so that it functions at its peak. We can do this readily by staying physically active. And this is precisely what Dr. Gilkis does and what he encourages all of us to aim to do. As we get older, we have to fight inertia and mental fog by using our brain for intellectual pursuits. However, to age with grace, it is at least as important, if not more so, to have a well-functioning body. And there is only one known way to do this, according to Dr. Gilkis, and that is through physical activity. Starting at age 68, Dr. Gilkis ran shorter marathons hoping he could train his body to run a full marathon at the age of 70! It would be an incredible gift that he would give to himself. And he did it!! How inspiring!! In fact, running has become a bit of an addiction for Dr. Gilkis. The more he runs, the more he wants to run. However, this addiction has amazing health benefits. Thus, some addictions are good addictions and should be continued. If it makes one healthier and happier, then we should all go for it. Dr. Gilkis is no stranger to ill-health. He is a cancer survivor, and he knows first-hand how it is to feel weak and unwell. But he was determined after his ordeal to make his health one of the most important priorities in life. This book is for runners and nonrunners alike. It is a book that will get us off the couch and do something proactive with our health and well-being. We don’t have to passively wait for our bodies to break down and for our minds to weaken. Instead, we can be our best, right into old age. But the path to health and well-being is in our hands. I feel so inspired after reading Dr. Gilkis’ book that I no longer think that my life is over but simply beginning. Thank you, Dr. Gilkis!! I can’t wait to read your next book! Amazon: B&N: