The Drawbacks of Putting Your Projects on a Backburner

Putting a writing project on a backburner can make you forget about your original project in time. But what is more, you may even forget why you even wanted to write about the topic in the first place. This can really cause a lot of frustration for writers. It can also cause you to lose heart and self-confidence. So, here are some ways to make sure that you pursue your ideas and turn them into viable and interesting books. • When you start working on a book, don’t stop—even spending a few hours a week will help you a lot; • Schedule time to work on your project; • Don’t let your new ideas go stale—you can do this by prioritizing your projects, working on one of them at a time, and completing one project. • Don’t use being too busy as an excuse—everyone is busy and can find some time every week to write; • Decide how important a project is to you—if it’s not important to you, don’t write about it; • Keep your focus on one project. Why should you take steps to do this? Because if you don’t: • Your idea will go stale; • You won’t be successful; • You’ll be frustrated; • You will blame everyone else for your lack of success—when indeed it is your problem and lack of focus. So, it is important for writers to decide whether a project is important for them and then to pursue it. Remember, your time will never be ideal. There will never be endless hours for you to pursue your writing. So, find time when you can write, and fit it into your schedule, otherwise an idea will be gone, never to come back again. And it will become just one more missed opportunity. Try not to allow that to happen! Irene S. Roth