Take a Vow to be a Writer

When I was young, I decided by taking a vow that I would become a writer. So, I lit a candle in my room, got on my knees, said a prayer, and then vowed to God that I would become a writer. I knew there would be hard days. But I was willing to put up with them. I even got myself a writer’s ring. I still have it and I cherish it. I believe all writers should take a similar vow. They should create a ceremony for themselves and then embark on their vocation. Why take vows? Here are a few reasons:  You will write more often.  You will be more serious about your writing.  You will be committed to your writing.  You won’t worry about the business of writing. You will simply write.  You will feel wholesome and fulfilled as a writer.  You will allow writing to fulfill you.  You will be proud to tell others that you are a writer. Therefore, writers need to promise to themselves that they will be writers. They could have an informal ceremony of sorts to mark the occasion or they could just decide and write their decision down in their writing journal. Regardless of how a writer decides to make her vow to be a writer, she must take steps to do so in order to be the best writer that she could be.