Accept the Good and Bad Parts of Writing

It may be hard to realize but just as with life there are good and bad parts to the writing life. However, I believe that the good aspects of the writing life far outstrip the bad ones. A true writer loves to write period. She comes into her office every day hoping and expecting the best to happen. The very act of writing can help writers feel fulfilled and inspired. However, to experience fulfillment, writers have to write consistently. That is how they can reap all the positive benefits of writing and when one’s writing career can really be most enjoyable. I believe that writers can be happy and content in their writing career because writing is a wonderful vocation. It is so much more than a career. It is more of a calling. However, there are also bad parts to the writing life. They usually center on the business side of writing. This side involves submitting manuscripts, getting contracts, and updating blogs. The good news is that there are ways that writers can learn to even enjoy revising and submitting manuscripts if they try to look at the whole business side of writing in a different way. To cope with an activity that you don’t like, set an egg timer for no more than twenty minutes and write ONE blog or ONE update, you will be done in no time and it won’t put a damper on your writing for the day. Or, you can set an egg timer for 30 minutes and do nothing but revise during that time. once you delve into the activity that you don’t like, and set a time limit for you to work on something like editing, querying or revising, time will fly, and you will still achieve what you need to do to take your writing to the next level. The business side of writing can also be dealt with by setting some time aside every week or month just for submitting manuscripts and sending queries. For instance, if you set say one to two hours a week for doing the business tasks, you will be well on your way to sending out manuscripts on a consistent basis and being very productive in your writing career. What is more, you will be reaping the benefits of spending some time on the business side of the writing life too. This can build self-confidence as well. So, to be an inspired writer, focus on the business and creative side of writing to be at your best. This will give you balance and success!