Our Greatest Resources are Inside of Us

Many writers don’t realize that their greatest resources for writing, creativity and motivation lie within them already. We are always searching for something outside. But when we search outside, we only get increasingly disorganized. By practicing mindfulness, we can inspire our inner artist into action without doing much conscious work at all. We just must let our minds be and let our ideas flow out of the center of our being. In our world, we are often told to think things through. And in the proper context, we must still think things through. However, when we are writing, we don’t need to think at all. All we have to do is write. The more we can write in flow, the better. Therefore, since our default position is thinking it can take a lot of conscious effort to not think and to just write. I’ve found that simply still and present in the present moment can result in some of the greatest inspirations for writing. I realize that this is paradoxical, but please hear me out. When we are mindful, we awaken our inner resources to be creative and authentic. And this is what we need not only to be a mindful writer but to enjoy writing and treat writing as one of these wonderful exercises that will bring us back to who we genuinely are. Until next time! Irene S. Roth