A Must-Read Book about Elder Abuse

The Family Guide to Preventing Elder Abuse By Thomas Lee Wright Elder abuse is becoming a real problem everywhere. And it is something that we must definitely try to deal with as best as we can and as soon as we can. Given the rapid aging population, we must find a way to eradicate this problem. It seems that retirement homes have become notorious hubs for abuse of the elderly. This is sad given that people are paying many tens of thousands of dollars to live in such places and to think that their last days will be like this is beyond mind-boggling! In this book, Wright discusses how we can all learn to protect our elders from abuse. The book offers practical tools that everyone can use to ensure that their parents are safe from the abuses of people in retirement homes. This abuse seems to be occurring at all levels of expertise, from nurse aids to nurse practitioners. This is a troublesome trend. However, after reading Wright’s book, I have become much more positive that we can conquer this problem once and for all. This is really a case of knowledge is power. The more we know about the abuse and how to protect our loved ones and ourselves, the better. In each chapter, a nationally recognized expert provides specific advice regarding effective actions that can be taken in order to protect loved ones in every area of their lives. They offer practical advice that we can all follow to many questions such as what qualities to look for in a caretaker, the pros and cons of trusts and guardianship, how to report abuse and who to go to and much more. All in all, this book is a treasure-trove of great tips and advice. I recommend the book to anyone who has aging parents who are about to go into a retirement facility. It may save you and your parents time and misery. Rating: 5 stars Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth