Mondays can be so difficult for writers!

Mondays can be so hard for writers. Most writers take the weekend off. So, their minds are not trained or use to focusing on their work. They are in rest and relaxation mode. So, how can writers turn this around so that they don’t feel unfocused and thereby waste a whole day doing things that will not be instrumental to fulfilling their overall 3 writing goals? Here are a few tips that I have used over the years and that I other writers in my critique group have used: 1. Plan your week’s writing goals ahead of time…preferably on Friday before you stop working for a few days. 2. Revisit your goals on Monday morning or better still Sunday night to make sure that you know what to work on first. 3. Review your priorities for Monday on Sunday or Saturday and write them down in a prominent place on your desk. 4. When you start on Monday morning, check your list, turn on your computer and do what you planned to do. So, there you have it. Take these steps to ensure that you have a focused Monday. Because if you waste too many Mondays, sooner or later you will feel a lack of overall productivity. Even four Mondays a month of wasting more than 4 hours of lost productivity is a whopping 16 hours a month of lost time! You can certainly get a LOT of writing done in that time. So, make sure that you plan what you will do it and do it when Monday morning arrives. Until next time, Happy writing all! Irene S. Roth