Mondays are so hard, aren’t they?

How many of you writers have a difficult time to get back to your writing and your routine on Mondays? Come on put up your hands. I know you exist. Many writers I have personally spoken to in person, at conferences, and online have told me how difficult Mondays are for them. They all have certain things that they have to do to focus on Mondays. Here are a few tips that I have heard over the years. 1. I get up and meditate for ten minutes. I don’t think about anything…not things that I have to do…or things that I should do. I just breathe for ten minutes. And then I feel much more focused for my day of writing. 2. I write out a detailed plan on Sunday and prioritize the items using a red pen and highlighter. Then when I get to my desk on Monday morning, I just get right to the first task that I planned to do. Then I cross off the first once I have done it and move to the second. By the time I get to the third item, I am much more focused. 3. On Mondays, I get right to my writing. I don’t answer emails, or answer the phone. I don’t make phone calls either. I don’t even go to the mailbox. I just sit down and write for at least an hour or two. That helps to focus my day much better. How about you? What do you do on Mondays? Take the time to leave us your tips. We would love to hear from you! ~ Happy Monday! ~ Irene