It is the Third Quarter–Are you ready?

Hey there writer friends! It is time to take stock of your writing goals for the third quarter. Have you evaluated your first two quarters yet to see how you are progressing on your writing goals? If you didn’t, this is a good time to take stock. On June 30th, I sat down with my success journal and tried to determine how I was doing. So far, I am doing very well. I spent a lot of my first quarter revising manuscripts from last year. However, I also started two new nonfiction books, and one new novel. So, I’ve been busy writing and revising.If you haven’t yet done so, I suggest that you try doing this soon. Why not this weekend? Here are a few steps you could take to determine whether you are on track with your writing goals for the year: 1. Take out your three main writing goals for the year, the ones you started out with January 1st 2013. 2. Determine how many of these goals you completed. 3. If you haven’t completed any of your writing goals so far, it is time to recommit to them or revise them. 4. Take out your success journal and assess how your long-term goals. Then decide what you will work on during the third quarter. 5. Write these writing goals down on your monthly planner. 6. Schedule each of your writing goals every week, and see how you do during the next quarter. Try this and see if you could be even more successful for the third and fourth quarters of the year! Take care, and good luck! Irene S. Roth