How to be a Productive Writer

Hi all! Since we all seem to be doing boot camp this month, I think it would be best if I simply had 4 mini-lessons for this month with no necessary assignments to submit. That way, you could focus on writing your book, which is what Bootcamp is all about! So, for this month, please read through the lessons at your own pace. Do a lot of reflecting about the topics in your writer’s journal, if you get a chance. All of these mini-lessons should give you a lot of food for thought. I believe it is important to be productive to be your best as a writer. However, I believe that each of us has to define what we mean by having a productive writing life. In other words, there are no two writing lives that are the same. We are each in different seasons of our writing life, and with these seasons come different definitions of success and productivity. So, this month, I want to encourage you to reflect on where you are in your writing career and where you would like to get to in the next few months or a year. I feel that is what my goals are as a leader in this mentoring group. I don’t claim to have all the answers. But each of you knows quite a bit about your own writing career. It is just important for you to become aware of it. And that is what this month will encourage you to do. So, get ready to be empowered by your own journey of productivity! See you on Friday.