Habit 7: Expect Good Things

Writers who strive for excellence expect good things to happen. They don’t bother complaining and having a pity party. Instead, they made sure that they focus on their writing goals and aspirations. They put all of their energies into making the best of themselves and completing as much as possible. Expecting the best instead of the worse is a mindset we can all develop as writers. We can expect that we will complete our manuscripts and submit them to an agent or editor. We could also expect that we will do our writing every day because we know that we are able to sit down and write for the allotted time. In other words, we have to believe in ourselves and know that we can do what it takes to be at our best as a writer. This need not be difficult. It could be as simple as showing up to write consistently and not worrying about things you can’t control. Thus, expecting good things to happen in your writing career is a mindset that can be developed day by day by taking one positive step towards completing your goals every day. This is one of the best known ways to become excellent and to be your best. Irene S. Roth