Habit 7: Commit to Your Writing Projects

It’s not easy to become committed to your writing projects. However, by developing self-discipline and the ability to move past the initial inspiration that motivated you to start the project to the commitment to complete the manuscript. Commitment requires more than being excited about writing. It involves deciding to see a project through to completion, regardless of the obstacles that get in the way. Therefore, commitment and self-discipline are crucial to reaching your writing goals and becoming a patient and self-disciplined writer. Your commitments will become apparent when something manifests itself as gut-level important. Ideally, commitment involves a decision to start and complete a manuscript. Here are a few tips on how to commit to your writing projects. 1. View your writing commitments as important and not just a nice thing to do. Writing commitments should advance the completion of your goals. If they don’t, you shouldn’t commit to them. 2. Carefully assess your goals before committing to them. Many writers commit to the wrong things. This will result in a lack of success. The writing goals that you commit to must be instrumental to your overall success. Try not to set your goals too quickly and then hope for the best. 3. Always try to keep learning and researching as much as you can about the topic you are writing about. It takes a lot of research to write a good book. Researching can also help commit more readily to a project because the more you know about a project, the more excited you’ll be to write about it. 4. Patiently plan for success. Success doesn’t just happen over night. Initially, it can take lots of hard work. Each step taken can lead to success. You must plan the small goals that lead to the completion of your long-term goals. Therefore, as you can see, self-disciplined commitment is required to effectively complete your writing goals, from the most important to the least important. Thus, please don’t let your least important goals take precedence over your more significant ones. You must always patiently focus on longer-term projects to be a successful writer.