Habit 10: Build Momentum

One of the most important ways for you to be a productive writer is to build momentum into your writing career. It can be difficult to do this at first. But after you set a few wholesome writing habits, your momentum will be built from the ground up.

For those of you have been reading my blog for a while, I discuss how to build momentum a lot. Why, you ask? Because I believe its one of the most important things you can do to be a productive and self-confident writer.

Writing momentum can be achieved in many ways. Writing every day is one of these ways of building momentum. I believe it’s the most important way. Even if its just for fifteen or twenty minutes, writing on a regular basis can help you build momentum the fastest.

Here are a few other ways to build momentum.

  • Outline Your Book before you start. This will help you know precisely where you are going from chapter to chapter. It will help you know what to work on for each scene and chapter. This will reduce any wastage of time.
  • Decide what you will do before you start writing. So, the night before, take a few minutes to decide where you will go with a scene or a chapter. Also, decide what you will work on from the start and what you will do next. This will take the guess work out of your writing time the next day.
  • Try to write something first thing in the day. Don’t doodle, check the internet or email. Instead, delve right into your writing. That way, you could feel proud of what you have accomplished.
  • Create wholesome writing habits. Decide on a few habits that will help you be more productive. They could be to write every day, regardless. Or you may want to just write your draft when you start and not edit along the way. You may want to work on silencing your inner critic. Whatever it is, make sure that you follow through on these habits for best results.
  • Treat your writing as an appointment or a job. When the time comes to your pre-planned writing time, just do nothing but write. Treat it as a job. When you go to work and you’re supposed to start by say 8 am, do you come to your desk, cruise the internet, play with your cat, or pet your dog? No, not at all. If you did, you would get fired. So, treat your writing time in the same kind of way.

By taking these steps, you will be building momentum into your writing time. You will be completing your goals in a timely manner, and you can’t help but be successful.

Thus, take the time to really delve into what you would to accomplish in your writing career and do it on a consistent basis. Then just sit back and take stock of all that you have accomplished.

To your success!