Feline Writing Buddies

On Friday, I lost my writing buddy Casey. I have been lost and heartbroken since. He was an older kitty 16 years old to be exact. He has been my friend and writing buddy for a long time. I learned how I took for granted my feline friend and writing buddy who motivate and inspired me to be my very best. And how I miss him now that he’s gone. Casey was a wonderful feline who made it so much more inspiring and motivating to get my writing done each and every day. He lay either at my feet or on a chair beside me and made sure that I got my writing done each and every day. And he insisted that I do my writing. On Friday, I took him for a routine physical and to get his yearly shots. As the Vet examined Casey, he found a lump under his chin. I never saw it or felt it before. He ran x-rays and other tests and found that Casey had a virulent form of bone cancer. I was devastated and still am. He had to be put down right away. So, here I sit in my study, ready to write, but my muse isn’t here. As I sat longer and reflected, I realized that my Casey wouldn’t have wasted much time moping about. He would probably grieve and then he would move on. So, I think I will do the same. I will take a few days to grieve the most wonderful feline I have ever had and then try to move forward. I tell you this story fellow writers because I think we all need writing buddies that give unconditional love. Most writers have a dog or cat that they can rely on. I know for myself, after a period of mourning, I will get myself a new little feline so that he too can become my writing buddy. I sure hope if you don’t have a fury friend that you will acquire one as well. You will never regret it! Irene