Drifting Through the Writing Day

I was so taken up with yesterday’s topic that I would like to continue on the topic of what constitutes a professional writer again today. Professional writers don’t drift through their day while amateur writers do. Professional writers consciously set their goals and make sure that they fulfill all of them on a consistent basis. In other words, professional writers set goals and they bring them about. Amateur writers tend of drift. They set their goals without a real intention to bring their goals about. They simply set their goals as if they may bring them about. But they aren’t really, really serious about their goals. This is a recipe for disaster if you are trying to build a career as a writer. It is important for writers to not loose their momentum as writers. They should fulfill their goals and more if possible. They should set their goals with the intention of bringing them about. And every day, writers must review their intentions and bring about their goals. Professional writers also try and use their time wisely. They don’t get bogged down doing things that are not directly related to their goals. Their writing day is tied up with trying to fulfill their overall goals for the week. Lastly, professional writers pay attention to how they bring about their goals. This attention gives them direction in their writing and with their writing projects and goals for the week. One way professional writers bring this about is by preparing a marketing plan each week on Sunday before the new week begins. The marketing plan focuses the writer’s life and her goals. Each day, the writer could check out what gets done and what doesn’t. And if a goal doesn’t get done, then the writer could determine why it didn’t get done and then revise their schedules and/or goals for the next time so that they are successful. So, if you aren’t preparing a marketing and writing plan of your goals you should. It will make the difference between being a drifting, amateur writer and a professional writer. Which would you rather be? ~ Irene