Do you Struggle Writing Consistently?

So many of us struggle to write consistently. We may write for a day or two and then skip a week or two of writing.

Unfortunately, this can only lead to a lack of productivity and success. It is far better for you to make sure you write regularly.

If you have been in my coaching and mentoring program for a while, you are aware of how often I encourage you to write daily. This isn’t just some sort of ideal that I ask you all to aspire to. It is actually something all writers must try to do to be most successful.

So, how can you write every day, you ask?  Well, here are a few things to try:

  1. Decide what one goal you want to complete for the week.
  2. Write the goal down.
  3. Divide the goal up into seven days.
  4. Write those sub-goals down and either print them off if they are on your computer, or write them out and put them on your desk.
  5. Decide what times you will write and stick to those times unless you have an emergency.
  6. Schedule these times into your planner. Writing your goals can help reinforce them.
  7. After each successful session, do something nice for yourself. After a week of consistent writing, even if it is for 15 to 20 minutes a day, take yourself out for a latte or meet with friends for lunch.

Take these steps to be inspired to write regularly. By writing consistently, you will be more successful and productive.

So, take some time today to decide on your own goal for the week and then schedule it into your planner.

To your success!

Irene Roth