Day 2: About Nancy Coradinni’s book

pic-of-herIt is GREAT to have you here for Day 2 of your VBT tour Nancy! 1. What is the theme of your book or description A quirky racehorse gets a second chance in life helping children with autism. 2. Who is the Audience? This book is geared for children 4-9 or anyone one interested in equine therapy and further acceptance of children with challenges. Also, the racing community involved with rehoming racehorses. 3. What is your publisher Information My book is published through Halo Publishing International. 4. What is your Email? It is 5. What is the contact information you want the reader to have about you? Readers can look up The Horse Who Loves Hats on Facebook. 6. Where is your book available for purchase? It is available through Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. 7. Include anything else that a potential buyer of your book may need. There is info at end about autism, plus contact info of reputable equine therapy and rehoming horse groups. Thank you for saying more about your book! I am sure that readers of this blog will be very interested in your book. If you would like to leave a comments for Nancy, please do so here. Stay tuned for Day 3 that will posted on Friday right here!