Day 2: A. Law Shettleworth’s Writing Life

self-portraitHi there! It is GREAT to have you here on my blog today! Describe Your Writing Life to the reader as a way to inspire others to read your book. The beginning sentence is always the hardest, and it overwhelming to gather my thoughts together. Who am I writing to? What am I going to write? Self-doubt gets in the way and procrastination comes second, and I found especially after I became a mother is very challenging to find the time to sit down and write. On a light note, writing is addictive. Once I put all self-doubt aside and my pen start flowing on a piece of paper, and the final piece of a thousand words just took my breath away. Wow, I wrote a story, and it felt great. I personally don’t write every day, but when ideas strikes I write it down. I always have a small note pad in my purse, and I take creative orders. I take out my pen and write down what comes to mind, it’s either something I see, hear or a pop of an idea. I love writing it down on a napkin, I love how the ink smears over and every cursive word bleeds into each other creates art. I draw triangles, squares or clouds to enhance my ideas, when it is fun to look at it keeps my writing flowing. I love penmanship, I love to write on a piece of paper. I am a very tangible person, so when I get into a writer’s block I just pick a word and write it down. I like to write on all sort of textures, and use different color pens encourage my writing. One word becomes a sentence, a sentence becomes a paragraph. Yes, guilty as charged. I used a piece of recycle paper, and 2 squares of napkin filled with numbers, clouds, quotation marks and blue ink. To me it’s perfect and I like it that way ha ha.