Common Writing Poisons

Over the next week, I will delve into five common writing poisons. These poisons will ruin your ability and motivation to write and can rob you of many manuscripts. It is essential that you avoid these common pitfalls if you want to write consistently and without interruption. Today I will focus on the need for everything to be in place perfectly as the first writing poison. Some writers need absolute peace and tranquility of mind in order to write. And if anything is plaguing them, they won’t be able to sit down and do their daily writing. Such writers believe that they must be in a perfect setting and time in order to write. For instance, for myself, I write in the morning each day. But what if I sleep in one day. Does that mean that I can no longer get my writing done? No. It just means that I will have to fit it in at other times. On such days, I write during my lunch hour and when I get home from work. That way I get my two hours of daily writing done, despite the fact that the time and/or setting wasn’t ideal. I may be tired when I get home from work and I may have a lot of commotion on my lunch hour when I am writing at work, but I just keep writing regardless. My writing may not be done perfectly, but it does get done. I may think that, because my words aren’t flowing as well as always, I should abandon my writing for the day. But that isn’t necessary. Writers should get the words on the page and then revise them later, regardless of the circumstances. If the circumstances are ideal, great. If they aren’t ideal, writers should persevere and write anyway.That is the mark of a true writer! Rarely in life were the writing conditions ideal or perfect. Neither will the writer always feel perfect for the task. You may have not gotten enough sleep. Or you may be mulling over a problem that just won’t let you write with full concentration. Regardless, you must simply sit down and write anyway.That is the only way to write consistently. Irene Writer’s blog: