Book Review: How to Abolish Child Sexual Abuse

How to Abolish Child Sexual Abuse Begin by Asking: Is that a Sexual Predator Hiding behind that badge? By Steve A. Mizera It is sad that child abuse is so prevalent by law enforcement people such as the police. We are taught from an early age to respect the Police because they are supposed to serve and protect. However, when this doesn’t happen, our psyches are fractured, and a loss of trust ensues. This book is a sad memoir of how a life can be hampered and destroyed by child molesters who should know better. Steve Mizera was physically and mentally abused as a child in an orphanage. Then they moved him into a second orphanage where he was again molested and abused. This left permanent marks on Mizera. We live in a world where sexual molestation is rampant. There is so much abuse out there that isn’t reported or dealt with properly. Mizera asserts that sexual predators can be anywhere. Mostly, sexual molesters are in positions of power where their victims are young, disabled, or shy. These are usually the people who molesters love to go after because they feel that these poor kids will never muster the courage or have the self-confidence to report them. Further, sexual molesters can be anyone. Most of the sexual molester’s attack people who are known to them. Some of them are even relatives or people who shouldn’t even think of abusing kids. Yet, molesters find it easier to abuse kids they know because no one would suspect that they would be abusive towards relatives. So, how can we prevent children from being sexually abused by adults? There are three ways we can do so. First, law enforcement must register all adults who are responsible for the education and recreation of children before sexual assaults occur. Second, legislation must be passed requiring schools to teach sex abuse and how it happens and with whom. Knowledge is power. Kids will then be more aware of the possibilities for abuse and how to avoid it. Third, parents should never leave children alone with suspecting adults. Instead, parents should protect their children from child molesters. Together, these three actions can virtually eliminate child molestation. This is a book that should be read by all parents. They are the ambassadors for change in our society and they must take concrete steps to ensure their kids are not molested. Perhaps its important for parents not to trust other adults, even if these adults aren’t supposed to be abusive towards their kids such as uncles, teachers, priests, and law enforcement. I am saddened by how much child molestation there is out in our world. I so wish we can abolish this terrible plague in our culture. I further wish victims had the courage to come forward and ensure that a person’s abuse is out in the open and can be dealt with. Thank you Mizera for such an important and honest book. It is one of the most poignant books that I have read and reviewed in a long time. Irene S. Roth