An Inspirational Faith-Based Journal

In Sickness and in Health

By Demetria Alexander Grissett

   No one wants to hear that they have cancer. But once Demetria was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma of the bone marrow/plasma cells, she had to find a way to process this news and her journey. She always wanted to become a writer. But somehow life always got in the way. But now she had the rare opportunity to write from the heart, and she did just that!

   This is a wonderfully personal and inspiring account of Demetria’s journey through cancer and back. It is a journal of how she coped from day to day from this terrible disease by putting her trust in God and the process of writing through her pain.

   Each page of this inspiring book is filled with honest and poignant accounts of how devastating cancer can be and how it can trample one’s life. Demetria had an especially tough time during this period in her life. She even had more life-altering situations happen to her while she was trying to cope with her treatments. Keeping a journal was very therapeutic for her, as she was going through all the ups and downs of her life.

   This book showcases the gift of writing, and how it can transform one’s life. Writing is both cathartic and healing. Writing is also revealing and soothing. Further, it is relaxing and expressive. It is the only medium through which the author can cope with life’s tragedies and hardships.

   This book is both instructional and inspirational. It is a book for anyone who is about to embark on a similar journey. The author’s journal entries also reveal how trust in God and an optimistic attitude gave her the strength to endure and overcome all the obstacles in her life. The ultimate message is that we must trust God in sickness and in health.

   People who are struggling with cancer or who are going through a rough patch in their lives will find comfort and wisdom in the pages of this wonderful book. I loved this book and will recommend it to quite a few of my friends, especially those who are undergoing quite a few changes in their lives right now.

Irene S. Roth


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