A-Z Blog Challenge

K= Knowledge

One of the many things that writers have to do to be motivated to write is to constantly be gaining knowledge in the niche they are writing within. This is never easy. And it usually means that you have to divide up your day so that you take the time to read and research widely. There is nothing more motivating than reading and researching. I just love sitting down to read for a few hours. I try to read about an hour or two each and every day. Sometimes, I merely read for pleasure. But other times, I read in order to research different topics. There are many benefits to reading and researching widely. Here are a few well-known benefits. 1. You will have many ideas to write about. 2. You will keep learning about different topics. 3. You will be making sense of the world and people around you. 4. You will know what needs to be written about in the future. 5. You will know what kids and adults need to know. Some topics are simply passé. We must be careful in order not to write about overdone topics. By always reading and researching, you will become a student of your culture and times. That way, you could pass on this information to people through your writing. Try it! Irene S. Roth Author and Editor