A-Z Blog Challenge

I = Idea File

Most successful writers have an ongoing idea file. The file could be part of a notebook or file folder. It could also be a series of file folders in a filing cabinet, as it is for me. This is because I wear many different hats when I write. I write both creatively and academically. It is also essential for writers to carry a small notepad with them when they are out and about. This can really help writers jot down points when they are away from their desks or computer. I have found so many ideas over the years just be doing this consistently. And, people around you will definitely know you’re a writer if you do this. There are many benefits to keeping an idea file and/or journal. Here are a few: 1. You’ll never run out of ideas. 2. You’ll be looking for clues as you walk around the world. 3. You will feel you are continuously trying to understand the world and people around you and make it a better place for everyone. 4. You will feel like a writer. By developing the habit of keeping idea files, you will become a much more inspired and motivated writer. And, you will become much more successful and invigorated to write during your allotted time. Try it! Irene S. Roth Author and Editor