What’s to Come in Future

Hello fellow writers! Its been a while since I wrote consistently on this blog. Call it a change of perspective or whatever. I decided about a year ago to really focus on my writing. Because of this, my blogs got second dibs while I wrote a lot of articles for publication and books. I also took my second course with the Institute For Children’s Literature, and it really kept me busy. But I also have had much success, I am really glad to report! I have over fifteen purchased articles with three different magazines, and I have written three nonfiction books for teens, five E-books (2 on Kindle), and three academic books. Yep….I did a lot of writing. During my vacation from consistent blogging, I really missed it. I wanted everyone to know how I was doing, and to connect with fellow writers. After all, this blog is over 3 years old now, and I have well over 300 articles written here. I have gained friends and even was noticed by editors and publishers. So, its been a GREAT journey, I assure all of you. But now its time to come back to writing here consistently. I will be writing twice a week anyways, and sometimes much more. I will tell all of you what I am working on, and how things are going for me. In other words, this will be a place to dialogue with all of you again, and I am SO SO excited. I got a new fury writing friend while we I was on vacation away from consistent blogging. You will be seeing her pretty face on and off too because he is my true writing companion. He sees me mad and happy. He cries with me and laughs with me too. He is just way too cute. Well….see for yourself…. So, welcome to my new digs. I changed my theme too. I hope you like it. The other one has outlived its purpose. I now want to be much more upbeat as a writer. Please let me know where you are in your writing journey. Take care, and talk to you all very soon, I promise! Irene Roth