What is an Excellent Writer?

There are many definitions of excellence out there. However, no one definition fits every writer perfectly. Some of these definitions are unachievable for all writers while others are more suited to an entrepreneur. Thus, it is important for every writer to decide what excellence is for herself and strive to achieve it consistently. For my purposes, I believe that excellence is being the best writer that we can be. This definition allows you the latitude and flexibility to decide for yourself how to achieve excellence in your own writing life. Further, it seems that becoming excellent sounds like a goal that can be achieved once and for all. But it really isn’t. Instead, excellence is an ongoing process of becoming better and better at our craft and what we write. And growing as a writer is part of it. When one grows, one tries not to remain stagnant and mediocre. This is crucially important to our overall process of becoming increasingly excellent. So, who can become an excellent writer? Any writer can commit to becoming continuously better by learning and trying new ways of being the best can embark on the path towards excellence. The best news is that this path is available to all of us – not only the very smartest and most capable writers. So, the choice is yours. You could continue the way you are or you can try to develop some of the habits to embark on the path towards excellence. I sincerely hope you will choose the path towards excellence in your writing career. You deserve it, and it is within your grasp. In what follows, I outline and discuss 30 habits that when developed will make you a much better writer. By trying to develop each of these habits, you will become more mentally resilient and able to be your own coach so that you could become the most excellent writer that you could be, one habit-mastery at a time.