Tips to Help You Find Time to Write/By Irene S. Roth

There are so many things that can rob us of our writing time at our desks. Some things can be expected, while other things can be avoided and eliminated altogether. In the next few minutes, I will share with you some key tips to ensure that you not only find time to write but that you write successfully. Tip #1. Schedule time to write Writers are most successful when they set a time of day on specific days to do their writing. I, for instance, do my writing every morning, except weekends, from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. When I’m teaching, I write until 8:00 a.m. an then between classes when I get a chance. Tip #2. Minimize needless distractions If you have set up a time to write, do nothing but write. Don’t answer emails, the phone, or be interrupted by family members, unless its urgent. Make sure that you stick to your plan to write. Be serious about it. Your family and friends will get the message then. Tip #3. You can do a lot in short spurts of time If you’re working full time, spread out your writing during the day. Just make sure that whatever times you choose that you’re consistent. For instance, you may be able to write for 20 minutes during your lunch hour three days a week, or come to work a half an hour earlier and write then. Or you may be able to write before or after dinner. The time does add up and you could get a lot done. Tip #4. Commit to your writing time as if it was a job You don’t show up to work late, so don’t show up to write late. And don’t let small things get in the way. Communicate your commitments with your family members, and commit to your writing. That way, your friends and family will see that you are indeed serious and that you need time to write. Tip #5. Act as a writer Many of us write as if it is a hobby. But if we’re to be successful, writing has to be much more than a hobby. It has to be a conscious way of life for us. So, you may want to carry a pad of paper with you or a clipboard and/or binder so that you could jot down ideas as they come to you. Also, if you bring along some of your writing, you may have time to make corrections when you least expect it, such as when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, sitting in a traffic jam, or waiting for someone. Always make the most of your time. Tip #6. Inform your Family of your plans to write Make sure that your family knows that you will write during certain times of the day and week and nothing, except emergencies, will come between you and you writing. Tell them that you need their cooperation so that you could honour your writing commitments. If you don’t establish this with your family, your success rate won’t be as if you do. We can all find time to write. We may have to be creative in finding these times. But where there is a will, there`s a way.