The Perils of Black and White Thinking

We all believe that we must do a lot of writing in order to be successful. However, this isn’t true at all. Sometimes even getting to the desk for a few 30-minute sessions in a day can really help us be productive and content as writers. Most of us have a hard time to get to our writing during the summer months. It is far easier to just do what our family wants and not to make waves about OUR needs as writers, which is to write and to be alone for a bit of time every day. Or, we may have a stressful life situation right now or our health may be suffering making it hard for us to write for hours at a time. The good news is that we can still feel like we are completing things, regardless of how long we spend at the desk. I love the chunk method of writing during the summer months. It comprises of writing in small 20-minute chunks, a few times a day. Just take stock of all the writing you do in a day for a week, and you be surprised by how much you get done. Just make sure to write these times in your planner. So, take the time today to plan your small chunks of writing time for the week. It may be a 20-to-30-minute segment when you spouse is watching a TV program that you don’t like anyways or getting takeout for dinner and spending that time writing. Try it!