The Importance of Success Journals

writers[1]A success is a journal where writers can write their good news, accomplishments, and works in progress. It is a place that a writer can reflect every week on what worked and what didn’t in their writing career. It is GREAT to have a place to record all of these aspects of one’s writing career. The purpose of any journal is to write one’s feelings down and also to do some reflecting on one’s life. Well, the purpose of a writer’s journal is record how one believes one is proceeding with one’s writing projects and which new ones she should start. Some of the benefits of starting a writer’s journal is as follows: 1. The writer will be able to reflect honestly on one’s projects. 2. The writer will have a good sense of what worked and what didn’t. 3. The writer will be able to note any accomplishments and celebrate them; 4. The writer will be able to take some time to be honest and open about her writing career. 5. The writer doesn’t have to worry about what someone else things—communication in the journal is easier than talking to someone. Given all of these benefits, every writer should keep a success journal. Here are a few ways to start a success journal: • Go out and buy your favorite journal; • Make sure that it is pretty and speaks to you; • Set a time once a week or so to write in your journal; • Get ready to monitor your progress, one entry at a time. I love my success journal. I spent a lot of time choosing it and I spend half an hour or so writing in it every Friday. It is GREAT to take stock. And when you expect good things to happen, they usually do! Irene S. Roth Author and Editor