The Ethical Responsibilities of Kid’s Writers

Writers for children have certain ethical responsibilities. Writers for children should not write about harmful things or about things that may upset children or make them feel worse after reading your article or book. Since I was a child, I read to be inspired and to learn different things. I loved reading and am still veracious reader. I read all kinds of books, and did when I was younger. I started reading Plato and Aristotle when I was fourteen years old. These two philosophers became my bible for a while. I just devour their writing and I loved it so much that I later went to university and studied philosophy. I still read and write in the area of philosophy. Kids and teens are quite influential. What they feel attracted towards when they are young sometimes frames their whole lives and their values. This is why being a children’s writer has a lot of ethical responsibilities. Writers should strive to give children their best writing and to espouse values that are wholesome and healthy. That way, kids and teens can be motivated to become the best possible individuals that they can be. When I was a kid I read all kinds of books, as I think many children and teenagers today read all kinds of books as well. But I think that kids and teens books need to portray certain values, goals, and aspirations so that they are enriching for kids and teens. That is absolutely essential for us to ensure that the next generation of kids will be wholesome and healthy. So, what are you doing as a writer to promote values and aspirations in kids and teens? ~ Irene