Summertime and the Writing is Easy

Do you have a hard time making space for your writing in the summer? Or can you write even more during this more relaxing time of year? Many writers don’t do much writing during the summer months. There are just way too many distractions. But how can we enjoy the summer and get some writing done? There are two kinds of writers. There is the writer who gets more writing done in the summer, while another kind of writer who doesn’t do very much writing. The difference between the first and second type of writer is hinges on whether a writer is distracted with other things in their lives, making it impossible to write, and whether she can maintain a writing schedule, and taking the time to have fun with their family. If you have been in my mentoring group for a while, you know I am routinely concerned about whether writers can develop boundaries with their family (especially the summer when it’s easier not to write) so that their writing time can be protected. And no time is this more important than in the summer months to get some good quality of writing done. We are usually more relaxed, and we may be travelling to new places where there is a lot of material for articles and blogs.

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Or we may be spending time on the beach where it’s relaxing. Many writers who are relaxed get better ideas for books and scenes. I know I get a lot of ideas sitting on the shoreline of Lake Huron or Georgian Bay watching sunsets and sunrises. I usually try to capitalize on such times and carry a notebook with me where I can jot down ideas and rest and read. We’re still in July, although the last week of July is coming right up in a few days. If the summer hasn’t been as productive as you would like, there’s still time to salvage. There’s about 6 more weeks until Labor Day and the official end of summer and the kids go back to school. What can you do in the remaining weeks of summer to ensure that you get some writing done every week for the next 6 weeks? Take some time this weekend to take stock and to decide how you can ensure that you have the most productive last 6 weeks of summer ever. Try it!