Spring Cleaning Guide for Writers

Spring is a season of growth, change, possibility, and renewal. Have you ever thought of using these ideas and plug them into your writing life?

Spring can be such a great time to renewal and refresh your goals. Many of us have stale goals. They don’t seem to go anywhere, and they bore us. Even the thought of working on completing these goals seems like an impossible challenge.

Here are a few tips to declutter your mind, reorganize your approach, and declutter your space for writing in the months ahead.

Clean out your writer’s closet

With winter gone and summer approaching, this is a good time to declutter your workspace and clean out your drawers, removing anything that isn’t necessary and isn’t in line with your writing goals.

Also, declutter your mental space. What excuses do you use not to write? Try to get rid of them. What stories or negative statements do you tell yourself repeatedly? Perhaps declutter those in favor of more positive ones.

Further, make a list of ideas or routines that aren’t serving you and that may even hinder your productivity. What rules are you following that no longer serve you? Perhaps declutter them.

Is there a project that you’ve been stuck on and haven’t made any progress on? Perhaps file it or put it on a back burner for another time. Start on something that really feels inspiring and invigorating. Don’t put it too far away. Write a date and time when you will return to that project.

Check your Batteries

Spring is in the air, but do you have ample energy to jump into the season? Or do you need to step back and rest in order to replenish yourself creatively, physically, or emotionally?  Take a closer look at what’s draining your energy. What tasks, people, situations, or habits are depleting your reserves?

How can you cut back or compartmentalize these difficult people and events? Perhaps you should change or revise some old habits that are no longer serving you? Whatever you do, assess how you feel in relation to these situations now and how you can protect yourself against further toxicity.

Even small steps towards reducing energy drains can help you feel replenished and renewed.

Declutter your Tech Use

We all use technology more than we need to in order to be productive. So, take the time to remove yourself from mailing lists. Turn off beeps when you are writing, and use websites to reduce distractions while you write.

Try New Containers for your Goals

Many of us set impossible goals for ourselves. Perhaps we should cut ourselves some slack and break those large goals into small doable units. Then, as we complete each goal, we should ensure that we celebrate it, and move on. This will build up your self-confidence and you will be much more likely to continue working on your larger goals.

By taking these steps, you will set yourself up for a successful and productive spring season. Think of how good you will feel when you check off a few goals and you swing into summer stronger and even more resilient.

Take care, and have a wonderful Spring!

Irene Roth