Scheduling Your Three Goals

One of the best ways to be successful as a writer is to schedule your writing goals every week so that you can be successful. Today, I will tell you how to do just that. On Wednesday, I will include a worksheet that you can use to schedule your writing activities for each of your writing goals for the week. There are many benefits to determining your writing goals ahead of time every week. For one thing, having your goals laid out beforehand will help you not to waste time when you sit down to write. Even a small amount of progress can be the momentum we need to become a successful writer. Regardless of the outcome, you’ll be able to plan your writing tasks for optimal efficiency. Once you open your eyes to what you can achieve in your writing, you’ll be able to see all the possibilities at a glance. Here is a visual representation of what I mean. Each month, you should determine what activities your will perform to get you closer to completing each of your 3 writing goals. Here is the worksheet that I use for this purpose. On Wednesday, I will show you a worksheet that I use to plan my weekly writing activities. Here are some benefits of setting goals. You’ll be able to:

  • Create a vision for our writing career;
  • Clarify priorities;
  • Solidify our motivation level;
  • Build confidence (The feeling that “I did it”);
  • Stay focused;
  • Be hopeful;
  • Increase our accountability and results.

By determining your three main goals, we’ll be committing to these goals until they are done. This goes beyond the fluctuating nature of motivation and creates long-term success.

******************************************************************************************************************** Worksheet C My Writing Schedule For The Month of _____________

Week of ____________________________________ • _________________________________________ • _________________________________________ • _________________________________________ • _________________________________________ Week of _____________________________________ • __________________________________________ • __________________________________________ • __________________________________________ • __________________________________________ Week of ____________________________________ • _________________________________________ • _________________________________________ • _________________________________________ • _________________________________________ Week of ____________________________________ • __________________________________________ • _________________________________________ • _________________________________________ • _________________________________________