Ready for a Challenge?

Many of us are trying our hardest to come up with THREE goals for next year. We are trying to determine what we should be doing next year, and what we should be leaving behind or setting aside for another time. And I think this is the hardest that writers can do for themselves. I have been slaving around, trying to come up with my three main goals for next year. I started by brainstorming a whole bunch of goals. I initially came up with 10. Then I started weeding out the goals until I got to my last five goals. So, I still have to get rid of two more goals by tomorrow. Can I achieve this! Well, I think that my success as a writer depends on it. And I think that one of the reasons why I wasn’t as successful this past year is because I included too much. In addition, I got every flu and virus that passed within 200 miles of where I live. So, I am very warned down and I need a break. Thus, I need to become much more effective as a writer next year, because God knows that I am efficient. I get a lot done. But it is all over the place in terms of what I get done. There is no rhyme or reason to my goals and I sometimes spend upwards of eight hours a day working at my desk. Ultimately, something has to give! So, I am back to the drawing board tomorrow to keep twiddling down my goals so that I end up with no more than three. Wish me luck! ~ Irene